Eco Friendly
Irumudi Samagri Kit

Pure ghee in an eye opened water emptied Coconut. Before filling the ghee, has to put a leaf of Thulasi, this is to preserve the purity.

Should close our Nose and Mouth with a towel so that our breath or saliva does not get inside the ghee. Both the devotee and Guru has to do this.

Has to seal the coconut opened eye with a cork and Papads. Also should carry the abhishekam items like – Aval, Vellam, Nel Malar, Kalkandu, Mundhiri, Dry grapes, honey, pacharasi (non boiled rice).

Pooja Items like Haldi, Kumkam, Karpuram, Aggar Bathi, Chandanam and Bashmam.

Public who wants to put dakshina to sabarimala can deposit in the munmudi only.

The munmudi after tyeing has to be sealed by the Guru and can be opened back only by him and no other person has the right to open munmudi.